Locations:  REG & Start/Finish = 11000 Cobblerock Drive, Rancho Cordova CA

Prize Details: All Prizes will be awarded as cash.  In addition to the cash prizes, primes will be awarded in the form of various cycling products, and other merchandise. 

Team Time Trial (Pre-Reg ONLY): UCI legal road bike only.  Open to all categories (Pro, 1, 2, 3, 4, 5).  No forward facing handlebars, or full disk wheels.  However, AERO Helmets are allowed.  Minimum of 3 and a Maximum of 5 people allowed on each team.  No mixing of teams, each team can only consist of members belonging to the same USAC/NCNCA Team, however more than one 3-5 man/women team can enter from a USAC/NCNCA team.  20 Total Teams Maximum.

Champions: Current/2017 NorCal/Nevada District Criterium & 2017 GSRS Overall Series Champions ride for $2.  Pre-reg and then your registration fee (one race per day, second race will be paid by racer) will be refunded the day of the race.  Master champions may ride down in age and Juniors may ride up. District jersey is not required.

Overall Series Jerseys:



Special hotel rates next to race course:  


Special Registration, Race Notes, and Hotel Info:

·      Questions…Please contact Ron Rouse @ 916-451-0225 Hours: M-F between 11:00 AM – 6:00 PM Only

·      USAC License required to race.  One-day licenses available for Men's Cat 5 and Women’s Cat 5

·      Kids Race: 9 & Under, helmets must be worn, waivers must be signed by parents, must register prior to race

·      Onsite deli/restaurant, port-a-potties and EMT’s

·      Day Of Race Registration: Add $15, Juniors add $5  We accept cash, checks, PayPal and CC’s

·      Entrants under 18 must have parent’s signature

·      Fees include USAC surcharge and insurance

·      Sorry, NO Refunds for any reason

·      Second race is ONLY $10.00 Per Day